Other Campaigns


Twenty’s Plenty

The FSF calls upon football clubs at all levels of the game to recognise and reward the amazing contribution of away fans by getting together to agree an across the board price cap on away match tickets of £20 (£15 for concessions).


Watching Football Is Not A Crime!

Part of the FSF’s ongoing drive to monitor the police in their dealings with football fans and work with them to ensure that all fans are treated fairly and within the law.


The Sport and Rights Alliance

The SRA is a coalition of leading NGOs, sports organisations and trade unions, including FSE, which was founded in early 2015 to encourage the decision-makers of international sports mega-events to introduce measures to ensure these events are always organised in a way that respects human rights, the environment and anti-corruption requirements at all stages of the process, from bidding through to the development and delivery phase to final reporting.


Women at the game

The brainchild of Jacqui Forster, Women at the Game aims to give women their first taste of live football in a supportive environment or to create a friends’ group for women to be together who are seasoned match-goers but are not comfortable in the usual male dominated crowd.