What is the current structure of the HTSA?

HTSA's structure is outlined in our constitution, which is based on the Supporters Direct devised 'Model Rules for a Supporters Community Mutual' document (2014).

We have 400 plus shareholders who can vote to elect other shareholders onto the Board at Annual General Meetings (AGMs) or Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs). As with most organisations, those Board members, who are volunteers, deal with the day-to-day business of the association.

On the Board, there is an Executive Committee. At the moment, this includes the Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Public Relations Clerk. However, we will be expanding the Executive Committee in the coming weeks to better reflect the realities of running a modern-day supporters trust.

All meetings are open to shareholders.

Where does shareholders' money go?

As with all other financial statements, HTSA's 2015-2016 accounts will be published online.

What demographic are you going to target in the future?

Huddersfield Town fans.

We are also committed to making the club, and indeed HTSA itself, more reflective of the communities that make-up Huddersfield and the surrounding areas.

What are your plans for the £47,000 left by the Survival Trust?

The £47,000 from the Survival Trust is ring fenced for a heritage project.

HTSA are represented on the Committee of the Huddersfield Town Heritage Project along with the club and other interested parties. Things are in the very early stages at present, but as soon as any major developments occur, we will naturally make supporters aware of them.

What benefits can shareholders expect to receive?

Being a HTSA shareholder means you can have access to cheap travel, professional representation, exclusive commercial deals (to be announced in the coming months), as well as the ability to shape the association itself. You can see the benefits of being a HTSA shareholder here.

But these transactional benefits are just that - transactional. The truth is, all Town fans stand to benefit from a strong supporters' association. The fact that we all still have a club to follow is in no small part down to the mammoth efforts of the Survival Trust. I'd say that is as good a reason to join as any.

What sway do you have with the club itself? Can you being about change? Has HTSA input at All Together Town (ATT) meetings brought about any changes directly or indirectly?

HTSA has always been and always will be available to meet with representatives of the club.

And it is worth remembering that the ATT came about as a direct result of pressure applied by HTSA. As for whether or not we've brought about changes, directly or indirectly, the North Stand/South Stand initiative is the most obvious one I can think of, but we're also working on issues related to catering, Twenty's Plenty, and new headsets for the partially sighted.

What makes your travel options more attractive than other options?

HTSA coach tickets are always cheaper than the Travel Club for shareholders. HTSA are also family friendly (read: dry) and accommodating to those with mobility issues.

On top of that, we offer two pick-up points (Gooder Street in Brighouse Town Centre and the John Smith's Stadium), while being open to negotiation over other locations.

What is the logic behind your decision to support certain campaigns (the Safe Standing Campaign and Save Our Den, for instance)?

As an affiliate of Supporters Direct, the Football Supporters' Federation, and Football Supporters Europe, we are duty-bound to defend and promote values and interests of the wider supporters' trust movement.

The Industrial Workers of the World aren't exactly the most popular trade union around these days, but I find they're slogan, "An injury to one is an injury to all", a good starting point when it comes to picking and choosing what causes to support.

It is worth noting, however, that we always try to explain the reasoning behind our decisions in a clear and concise manner. And I'm sure anybody who has read our Examiner column will attest to the accuracy of that statement.