Statement on Wembley ticket prices

This season, Huddersfield Town and Reading FC have led the way with regards to affordable ticket prices, and this has paid dividends both on and off the pitch. The FA and EFL, it seems, do not share this commitment to making football an affordable pastime. On the contrary, they appear hell-bent on extracting every last penny from the already empty pockets of loyal supporters.

The median ticket price at Wembley for the Championship Playoff Final is £64. When added to transport, accommodation, and food and drink costs, this is likely to price out many people, especially those with children. The Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich once referred to football as "the ballet of the masses." Well quite, and they should be able to watch it without breaking the bank.

So let us be clear: the FA and EFL should be ashamed of themselves. They're greedy and we condemn that greed without caveats.