Board Meeting - 2nd November 2016 - Minutes

Minutes of the Huddersfield Town Supporters Association Board

The West Riding Refreshment Rooms, Dewsbury

Wednesday 2nd November, 2016

1.     In Attendance

1.1            Trevor Whitehead (Secretary)     

James Chisem

Rachael Gomersall

Alasdair Bell (Observer)

2.     Apologies

2.1            Stephen King

2.2            Stephen Booth

3.     Agenda

3.1            N/A

4.     Minutes of Previous Meeting

4.1            The minutes of the previous meeting (26th September, 2016) were agreed with no amendments.

5.     Matters Arising

5.1            N/A

6.     Publication Date

6.1            N/A

7.     Correspondence

7.1            N/A

8.     Chair’s Action

8.1            N/A

9.     HTSA Constitution

9.1            The Leeds United Supporters Trust (LUST) asked Trev Whitehead if they could use the HTSA Constitution as a template for their own constitution.

9.2            The Board unanimously agreed to this request.

10.  Finance

10.1         The HTSA end of year finance report was signed off and agreed by the Board with no amendments. 

11.  Publicity

11.1         Social Media: The Board unanimously agreed that HTSA should formally adopt a social media policy. James Chisem agreed to contact Supporters Direct in this regard. 

11.2         Fund Raising: Trevor Whitehead reported that he had met with several people regarding the possibility of HTSA sponsoring an inter-school football tournament/league. 

11.3         1908 Club: Trevor Whitehead informed the Board that he had received an email from Ian Lawrence stating that there was little option but to discontinue the 1908 Club initiative. 

11.4         Membership: Trevor Whitehead stated that he had sent out 600 plus emails regarding HTSA travel to Preston and Fulham. 

12.  Club Relationship/Liaison

12.1         N/A

13.  SLO

13.1         N/A 

14.  Travel

14.1         The Board agreed not to run a coach to Cardiff. 

14.2         The Board agreed to run coaches to Blackburn and Burton. 

15.  Affiliated Groups

15.1         N/A 

16.  Membership

16.1         The Board unanimously agreed to grant honourary life memberships to Graham Marsden and Bernard Kenny. 

17.  General

17.1         N/A

18.  SD/FSF

18.1         N/A 

19.  Extraordinary General Meeting

19.1         N/A 

20.  AOB

20.1         N/A 

21.  Calendar

21.1         N/A 

22.  Next Meeting

The next meeting will be the 8th Annual General Meeting. The meeting will be held at PPG Canalside in the Players’ Lounge and will begin at 7:30pm.