Examiner Column (19.02.2015): Roller Coaster Ride Continues

The “roller coaster” ride of being a Town fan continues.  A commendable run of three away games reaping two wins and a well-earned point against league leaders Bournemouth might go some way towards easing the pain of defeats in both our last two home games.  Perhaps it is just as well that the team appears to travel well at the moment?  The team coach will be covering more than 6,000 miles this season, an average return journey of 250 miles for every away game.  Supporters who regularly travel by car to away games will also be aware that we are in the middle of a run of four away games; Millwall, AFC Bournemouth, Charlton and Brentford.  With these games putting over 1,700 miles on the clock, and no doubt bumping up the monthly fuel bill, is this the time to consider letting somebody else drive and travel with HTSA?

As always HTSA will be hoping to take a full coach to Charlton.  The coach will be leaving the John Smiths’ Stadium at 08:00 am on 28th February.  Cost: £19 for HTSA members, £21 for non-members and remember your match ticket will only cost £5!  To book your seats on the coach please text or telephone Rachael on 07905580784 or visit the HTSA-online website.

HTSA members will also have a chance of winning £150 in the HTSA free draw.

We should also spare a thought for those supporters who regularly travel long distances, even to get to home games.  With this in mind Paul Hallos and Bob Farrell are trying to contact all Town supporters who live south of Milton Keynes.  The HTSA Southern Supporters Group is intending to meet up prior to the Charlton game on Sat 28th at 12:30 at “The Vanbrugh” close to Maze Hill station.  All HTAFC fans, young and old, are welcome to attend.  Tickets for the Charlton v HTAFC game are priced at only £5, so if you haven't been to an away game for a while, why not give it a go, you'll be in good company? For further details of the Vanbrugh meet, please contact HTSA.south@gmail.com

If you have any suggestions about how your match day experience might be improved please contact HTSA through the usual channels or call in at the cabin prior to Saturday’s home game against Cardiff City.  We would particularly like to hear your views about catering in the stadium and whether or not you have noticed any improvement.  Next week’s HTSA Committee meeting is followed the week after by the Voices Panel (All Together Town) and we would like to take your ideas to both meetings, making sure that your voice is heard where it matters.